An “Ace” in disc golf is the same as a hole in one in golf. An ace occurs when your tee shot comes to rest in the basket. It is customary to commemorate this joyous event by having those on the ace player’s card and other witnesses sign the disc. Always carry a Sharpie.

The Muletown Disc Golf Club also awards the beautiful ace medallions shown above. An ace must be made during an official club round to earn the medallion.

Great shots everyone!


Bradford Watson * Hole 8 Long * 02/08/2020
Blake Harris * Hole 6 Long * 03/07/2020
Dustin Nelson * Hole 15 * 07/14/2020
Clint Wright* Hole 15 * 11/09/20



Collin Stetler * Hole 11 Long * 04/16/2019


Clint Wright * Hole 6 Long * 04/16/2019 – Match Play, ON CAMERA!

58384501_10101225225581752_1335153402153271296_nJeremy Ary * Hole 7 Short * 04/27/2019 


Swiss Affolter * Hole 8 * 01/06/2018
Will Kersey * Hole 9 * 03/31/2018
Dave Quint * Hole 7 * 03/31/2018
Mark Richards * Hole 7 * 04/24/2018
Ben Kelley * Hole 13 * 04/28/2018
Sterling Vantrease * Hole 13 * 05/05/2018
Ryan Hintz * Hole 7 * 05/19/2018
Andrew Tester * Hole 12 * 09/15/2018
Mark Richards * Hole 7 * 09/15/2018
Ryan Hintz * Hole 7 * 10/13/2018


Scott Stegal * Hole 7 * 4/9/2017
Alex Phelps * Hole 5 * 4/22/2017
Adam Carden * Hole 11 * 4/29/2017
Drake Abernathy * Hole 7 * 8/19/2017
Aaron Clifton * Hole 11 * 09/05/2017
Jim Stuppy * Hole 15 * 11/05/2017
Ko Inthavong * Hole 16 * 11/11/2017

Club Course Records

Woodland Park

Short Tees

Singles Men
42 – 10/27/18 – Ryan Hintz
Singles Women
55 – 9/07/19 – Rachel Benedict
Random Draw Doubles
40 – 8/15/17 – David Nelson & Cameron Honeycutt

Long Tees

46- 6/26/18 – Aaron Clifton
Random Draw Doubles
44 – 6/5/18 – Aaron Clifton & Clint Wright
44 – 12/29/18 – Michael Hammock & Chris Arant

2017 Woodland Park Open & Bag Tag Kickoff



What division should I play?

This is a non-sanctioned event, and divisions will not be as defined as you’d typically see. We encourage players to use the guidelines below to select a division. The Amateur division is reserved for beginners to intermediate players. The “Professional” division should consist of experienced players ranging from advanced amateur to pro/open players.


  • PDGA Intermediate AM and below
  • Typically shoots above par (60) from the long tees


  • PDGA Advanced AM and above
  • Typically shoots under par (60) from the long tees

*NOTE* We’re fully aware that the PDGA’s Advanced division is considered Amateur. We ask that this group participant in the more experienced “Professional” division for this event.

 What is the payout?

This is a trophy only event. The division winners will have their names added to the Woodland Park Open trophy plaque. The winner of the Professional division will be given a master’s vest.

No other payouts are available, though CTP and other prizes may be given.

 What tees are we playing?

All players will play long tees.

How will bag tags be distributed?

Scores will pooled from both divisions (Amateur and Professional). Tag #1 goes to the top score, Tag #2 goes to 2nd, etc

Do I have to pay for a bag tag if I don’t want one?

No. If you simply want to compete in the Woodland Park Open and have no interest in a bag tag, you will not be required to pay the $5 bag tag fee.

If you do not intend to bring the tag back for Muletown league events, we encourage you to NOT take a tag.

What if I can’t make the event? How will I get a bag tag?

We have 75 bag tags available. Tags will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Players competing for tags in the Woodland Park Open will get first priority on tags. If tags remain after the event, they may be made available at a later date.


Tombstone – a disc that impales the ground, and remains standing on edge, usually stuck in the wet ground/mud a few inches. (same as “Edgie”) *
* Definition credit

3/11 Winter/Spring Round


Cold, windy, snowy, wet round but what a round! Unfortunately half our dgolfers had to leave just a few holes in for mysterious and work-related reasons. Too bad they forfeit the CTPs! B^]