Muletown FREE For All – Waitlist Available

***** Announcing the “Muletown FREE For All” *****
Registration opens up March 19, 2018 at 9:00am CST. Field capped at 90


Hosted under the PDGA’s Competitive Endowment Program, the Muletown FREE For All is the ONLY free PDGA tournament in the state of Tennessee. This event is a perfect opportunity for players of all skill levels to play an event without breaking the bank. Invite your friends, bring new players and introduce them to tournament play, or just come get some free PDGA rated rounds!

This event will also function as a charity event for Maury Magic Riders, a non-profit organization offering recreational and therapeutic horseback riding that helps young children and adults with disabilities such as: cerebral palsy, down syndrome, stroke, autism, a wide range of learning disorders, and also for individuals with impaired mobility. 100% of our proceeds will be donated to the organization.

The event is absolutely free. $10 is required to reserve your spot in the tournament. Once players have checked in on the day of the tournament, they have 2 options: (A) Donate the $10 to Maury Magic Riders (B) Request a $10 refund. If you do not show up on the day of the event, your $10 will be donated.

Trophies will be provided for each division….. perhaps some additional prizes will be announced?

Three-way Throwdown at Muletown

While the rest of the disc golf world winds down as players conclude their seasons, another storm is brewing at Woodland Park.  A Three-way Throwdown at Muletown featuring bitter rivals looking to settle the score once and for all. Who is the real “Mr #1”?

Fresh off his dominating victory at the Ambassador’s Cup, Drake Abernathy has set his sights towards two familiar foes.  Alex Phelps, Mr. #1’s first challenger, will attempt to avenge his 1 stroke loss against Drake in a sudden death playoff. Conversely, Dave Quint is confident that he will once again dominate Drake and juggle his way to victory.

Clubs from around the area are weighing inNashville

Event Details

Sunday 11/12/17 @ Noon – Live Stream found only on Muletown Disc Golf’s Facebook page


Announcing the PDGA Sanctioned 2017 Fall League

We’re happy to announce that our 2017 Muletown Fall League will be PDGA sanctioned! The information below gives a partial overview of how the league will work. Please contact us on Facebook or contact Chris Arant if you have any questions. This is a new format for the club, so please don’t be shy about asking questions.

League Schedule

  • September 16 through November 18
  • 9 Rounds
  • Every Saturday – 8:30am signup / 9am tee-off (no round on October 7th)
  • Club will meet at the pavilion next to basket #12

League Format

 Divisions Entry Fees
 Advanced (MA1) $35
 Intermediate (MA2) $25
 Intermediate Women (FA2) $20
Recreational (MA3) $20

  • Singles, raw score / no handicap
  • All rounds will be played from the short tee pads
  • PDGA points based, accumulated throughout the league

League Winner(s) and Payouts

$3 CTP and $2 club ace pot will be offered every week

Division winner(s) will receive a cash payout. Payouts will be determined based on the number of players participating within your respective division and the entry fees collected among others in your division. Potential payouts to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc will be based on the number of participants within the division (more players in the division = more places paid out).

Roughly 75%-85% of league entry fees will be paid back out to the players. Club takes $5 from each entry fee to cover PDGA sanctioning fees and club insurance expense.

What PDGA sanctioning means and why it’s AWESOME

A PDGA sanctioned league is a big step forward for Muletown Disc Golf. All league participants will receive an unofficial PDGA rating regardless of your membership status. Each PDGA member will receive an official rating from each league round attended that will be included in that player’s total average rating. Non-PDGA members can sign up for the PDGA before the close of the league to maintain the ratings they received during the league rounds.

Players can use this PDGA rating to determine which division they should compete in when playing PDGA tournaments.

Note: Non-PDGA members signing up after Oct 1st, 2017 will have their membership carried over to cover all of 2018!

***Attention PDGA Rated Club Members*** We NEED you to participate in this league. The PDGA requires “propagators” (PDGA rated members) to participate in each round in order to calculate an unofficial rating for all non-PDGA members.


Please ASK. More details will be posted about this league, but I imagine that the PDGA side of this league is foreign to the majority of our members. If you have a question, please feel free to ask on Facebook or when you see board members out on the course.

Muletown Trilogy Challenge: What is it and what should I expect on tournament day?

Muletown Disc Golf club will be hosting it’s first ever Trilogy Challenge on July 22nd featuring three divisions: Open, Amateur Men, and Amateur women. This event is pre-registration only and players must register by July 8th in order to play in the event. Register here


What is a Trilogy Challenge and how’s this going to work?

A Trilogy Challenge is a unique three disc event that allows players the opportunity to play with three unreleased discs from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64°, and Westside Discs. Players are only allowed use the three discs they receive in their player pack during the tournament.

The Muletown Trilogy Challenge is holding check-in from 8:30-9:30am Saturday morning for all players participating. Swing by the Rainey house (next to basket #1), check-in with us, and we’ll give you your players pack.

Feel free to practice throwing your new discs until the players meeting at 9:45am. During the players meeting, we’ll review various rules and answer any questions you may have.

Immediately following the players meeting, we’ll send you to your assigned hole for tee-off at 10am.

What do I get for signing up?

EVERY player receives a player pack consisting of a 3 discs (putter, midrange, and driver), a shirt, a mini marker, a scorecard, and a pencil. You’ll pick these up the day of the event before your round starts.

Discs included in this year’s event (video reviews linked below)


Are there prizes for winners?

Open Winner – $45 DD gift card + Trilogy Champ Disc
Am-Men Winner – $30 DD gift card + Trilogy Champ Disc
Am-Women Winner – $15 DD gift card + Trilogy Champ Disc

Micro Recruit Basket given away as a random draw door prize. All players participating in the event are eligible to win it.

Mini Recruit Basket – mini disc CTP throw off. All players participating in the event will have a chance to throw 1 mini marker disc at the basket. The player with the closest shot wins the basket.


Post round mini events

Post round mini events will be held at the end of the round. You can register to enter either of these two contest during check-in. Participation is optional and non-participating spectators are welcome!


Why you should play

This event is designed to be very casual and fun. Disc golfers from all skill levels are absolutely welcome. Beginner players will receive a complete disc golf set just for signing up, and experienced players have the opportunity to test out 3 of the newest discs on the market. The players pack alone is well worth the $35, plus you have the chance to win some awesome prizes. By participating, you’ll also be supporting your club. Muletown Disc Golf receives a significant portion of the proceeds from every player that signs up.

It’s really a no-brainer: YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS EVENT!

How do I sign up?

The deadline for registration is July 8th. You can register online at our tournament page or register in person by seeing with Chris Arant, Steve Swann, or John Dale at the course at Woodland Park during one of our club rounds (Shelter next to basket #12 – Saturday at 9am, Thursday at 6pm)

I have questions……

Contact Chris Arant  –


Abernathy v Quint – Grudge Match

Disc golf in Middle Tennessee is abuzz with excitement surrounding the grudge match pitting Drake Abernathy against Dave Quint. The event is scheduled for July 15th at 1:00pm at Woodland Park Disc Golf Course in Columbia, TN. The match will be open to the public and a gallery is welcome. The event will also be live-streamed on Facebook for the MILLIONS watching at home. With each passing day, the excitement builds and spreads throughout the country.

Players from other clubs are beside themselves with jealousy & absolute confusionrect7732

While Muletown Club members are basking in the glory of this epic match up


Top players in the disc golf world have also been talking about it on Twitter



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SUMMARY – Vegas odds

Looking back at Muletown’s Spring League, Dave Quint averaged 2 stokes better than Mr Abernathy during league play. Dave also won 3 of 6 matches head to head against Drake during the league with Drake taking 2 and 1 ending in a tie.

Initial reaction would be to take Dave Quint for the win, but smart money knows that Dave also recently underwent surgery, so there’s question around his ability to compete at the same level he did during league. Drake Abernathy has also been rising in the disc golf ranks recently picking up a sponsorship from RippitDiscGolf.

Vegas has set the line at an even 50/50. Nobody knows how it’ll play out. Grab your cash and/or silver bullion and BET THE HOUSE!

2017 Woodland Park Open & Bag Tag Kickoff



What division should I play?

This is a non-sanctioned event, and divisions will not be as defined as you’d typically see. We encourage players to use the guidelines below to select a division. The Amateur division is reserved for beginners to intermediate players. The “Professional” division should consist of experienced players ranging from advanced amateur to pro/open players.


  • PDGA Intermediate AM and below
  • Typically shoots above par (60) from the long tees


  • PDGA Advanced AM and above
  • Typically shoots under par (60) from the long tees

*NOTE* We’re fully aware that the PDGA’s Advanced division is considered Amateur. We ask that this group participant in the more experienced “Professional” division for this event.

 What is the payout?

This is a trophy only event. The division winners will have their names added to the Woodland Park Open trophy plaque. The winner of the Professional division will be given a master’s vest.

No other payouts are available, though CTP and other prizes may be given.

 What tees are we playing?

All players will play long tees.

How will bag tags be distributed?

Scores will pooled from both divisions (Amateur and Professional). Tag #1 goes to the top score, Tag #2 goes to 2nd, etc

Do I have to pay for a bag tag if I don’t want one?

No. If you simply want to compete in the Woodland Park Open and have no interest in a bag tag, you will not be required to pay the $5 bag tag fee.

If you do not intend to bring the tag back for Muletown league events, we encourage you to NOT take a tag.

What if I can’t make the event? How will I get a bag tag?

We have 75 bag tags available. Tags will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Players competing for tags in the Woodland Park Open will get first priority on tags. If tags remain after the event, they may be made available at a later date.