Course Rules

Everyone is welcome.

The course is open whenever Woodland Park is open.

There is no charge to play unless there’s a tournament going on and that will be obvious.

For the most fun use PDGA approved discs not Frisbees. Frisbees don’t fly as far and are more affected by the wind.

Beginners are encouraged to play from the short tees (red). There is no shame in this. We all like the short tees.

The road is out of bounds (OB). This includes the main loop, roads to shelters and parking areas. Sidewalks are OK but you should not encounter any. Return your disc to play at the point it went out whether rolling, sliding or in flight. Place the disc 3 feet in bounds from that point. Add one penalty stroke.

If your disc crosses the road and lands in grass it’s still OB.

If any part of your disc is in bounds the disc is in bounds. The players in your group are the judges.

Most holes are par 3 from red or blue tees. Exceptions are the par 4 holes: 1, 3, 4, 10, 14 and 18

The leading edge (closest to the basket) of your disc at rest marks your progress. You can throw your next shot from that imaginary line. Place a mini marker in front of your disc and keep one foot within 20 cm of that spot. Neither foot may cross the imaginary forward progress line but the rest of your body may.

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