Announcing the 2018 Muletown PDGA Spring League

Looking to build on last year’s successful Fall league, we’re once again going to host a PDGA sanctioned league at Woodland Park.
The entry fees and finale payouts will remain the same, but based on club member feedback, we’re tweaking the format a bit. ALL rounds during this league will be PDGA rated, but for the league standings, we’re going to be taking your 5 best rounds out of the 9 weeks to determine your points.
League points will be determined by what you shoot and nothing more. If you play more than 5 rounds during this 9 week league, your worst round will be dropped from your 5 league scores which will improve your standing in the league.
Example: (7 rounds) 60-61-58-57-65-59-64
This player would drop the 65 and 64 rounds.
It’s gonna be a blast. Y’all come out and invite your friends. All skill levels will be represented and welcomed! Also, PDGA membership IS NOT required to participate in this league.

Follow this link to the PDGA website for more league info.

Credit to Jeremy Ary for the flyer!


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