2018 Ice Bowl Hole Info

Here are the instructions for each of the holes in the 2018 Muletown Ice Bowl. Thank you to all of the hole sponsors for their generosity and creativity!

Hole Instructions Sponsor
1 Putters Only – Entire Hole Dulles the Boxador
2 LHBH Drives Only American Southpaw Association
3 Chris Arant must spin 10 sec before each throw shouting nice things about his wife & must throw immediately afterwards Chris’ Better Half
4 All players must bark while teeing off on this dogleg hole Greta
5 All teams must pass through hula hoop Mando. If unsuccessful, the team must throw from the drop zone with a 1 stroke penalty. Michael Hammock
6 Island Hole w/ 2 drop zones Rescue Island
7 Tomahawk shots only for the entire hole Tommy Boy
8 Worst Shot Doubles Sci-Fly Guys
9 Drive – Rollers only

2nd shot – Offhand throw then play the hole normally.

Doug Barrett
10 Mando between two trees with a drop zone for missing the mando Darius Loves Ashlyn
11 Players must use an offhand roller tee shot (Courtesy of Ko) Graymere Country Club
12 Teams take a TN 2 from the tee (2 drives per player, take the best of the 4 drives) Davy Crockett
13 Count the number of full sized discs you’re carrying then divide by 4. Take that many steps forward and teeoff. Packmule Payoff
14 Have Fun! The Resistance
15 Out of respect for the broken branch, drive with the softest disc in your bag. Tree of Sorrows
16 Teams must select a drive that touches a tree trunk. No tree trunk hit = throw from drop zone for 4th shot (2 stroke penalty for both player missing the tree & 1 stroke penalty). Hug a Tree Today Foundation
17 Take a ridiculous photo of everyone on your card and post to Muletown Disc Golf Facebook page. Failure to get in photo or hiding = 1 stroke penalty Ron Gibson
18 Drake Abernathy shirtless & without umbrella. LH Turbo Putts only within 10 meters of the basket Sponsored on Behalf of Prodigy Discs

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