2017 Woodland Park Open

Parks and Rec, the MDGC and nature put on a great show today. There’s no better way to spend a perfect spring day than disc golf with fine folks like these. Congrats to MDGC’s own Chris Arant winning the green vest and to Ryan Hintz for beating several pros to win the top amateur prize (name on the plaque).

See the gorgeous photos by Parks and Rec’s Alex Troge. (Cont. below)

2017 Woodland Park Open – RESULTS (by Chris Arant)

Thank you all for coming out today. You couldn’t ask for a better day or a better group of folks to spend it with. It was great meeting all the new faces and seeing all the regulars again.

Thank you to Columbia Parks and Rec for their continued help and support of our club, and thanks to all those who helped host the event.

Tournament winners today were Ryan Hintz with a 61 in the AM division and Chris Arant with a 58 playing “Pro”.

Top ten tags:
1 – Chris Arant
2/3 – Ben Kelley & Grant KelleyResults
4/5 – Ryan Hintz & Michael Hammock
6 – David Wiley Nelson
7/8 – Hunter DeBerry & Drake Abernathy
9/10 – Jamison Jones & Christopher Cheney

CTP Winners:
#2 Grant Kelley
#7 Christopher Cheney
#8 Jamison Jones
#12 David Wiley Nelson
#15 Bethel Douglas Barrett

Long Shot Winner: Dustin Nelson

Ring of Fire Winners:
Christopher Cheney
Dustin Nelson

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